Sweet N Delicious specializes in freshly baked and handcrafted truffle cake pops and mini cupcakes. Our sweet delicacies are offered throughout the Metropolitan area.

It all started with a sweet tooth... a strong liking for sweet-tasting foods. Sweet N Delicious was inspired by the latest truffle cake pop trend and wanted to offer their sweetness to the DMV with a more personable touch. To us, quality supersedes quantity; we've grasped the importance that less is more. Not only will you bite into a perfectly handcrafted bite-sized morsel of truffle style cake on a stick, but you will feel a fulfillment of pure satisfaction down to that very last bite.

The clever design of a cake on a stick is a novelty treat that has become an appealing, rich, and overall satisfying alternative to the typical dessert. Our delicacies will be the perfect fit for your wedding, birthday, corporate party, baby shower, or just plain self indulgence.

-Live Life One Pop at a Time-